Thursday, June 2, 2011

Honda civic 2002 LX transmission fluid change and fuel filter?

I'm not a mechanic by any means...I'm good with changing oil, brake pads, spark plugs, some belts and could do an alternator....but I'm not certain if I should try the transmission fluid or take it to a garage???? Also, I looked in my Haynes book and seems like the fuel filter sits on top of the fuel tank and I will have to go back and look but I think I remember reading something about a hatch under the back seat to change the fuel filter so you don't have to drop the tank. Anyone ever try these two things and how difficult would it be??Honda civic 2002 LX transmission fluid change and fuel filter?
Personally, I don't think a 2002 needs a gas filter change. I wouldn't bother.

As for transmission fluid, I would change it at about the 75,000 mile mark.

First, purchase only fluid made for that vehicle from the dealer - don't buy a generic substitute at the auto store! The Honda's are very fussy about the fluid. I wouldn't take a chance on ruining the trans by buying a cheap replacement fluid.

It is very easy to change it. Just put a catch pan under the trans and remove the plug to drain the fluid. It is true that you will not drain 100% of the fluid this way, but replacing 80% of it gives your trans mostly new fluid in it. This is what I do. The service stations try to sell you a flushing of the system, but it is expensive (they have to pay for the expensive machine).

If you are really concerned about getting all of the old fluid out you can flush it yourself. Here's how: Buy twice the amount of fluid (8 containers instead of 4). Find the trans inlet cooling tube on the bottom of the radiator and crack it open to allow fluid to escape. Start the car and let it idle while filling with new fluid. When you think half of the fluid has been passed through, secure the cooling tube and top off the fluid. It's still a lot cheaper than having a flush done.Honda civic 2002 LX transmission fluid change and fuel filter?
if you don't know how to change it, take it to mavis tires or somewhereHonda civic 2002 LX transmission fluid change and fuel filter?
alot of times with a 'drain and fill' method for switching up ur tranny fluid, you will only end up replacing about 50-75% of the fluid, is your trans auto or manual? If it's an auto, I would reccomend just bringing it into a quick lube shop, most of them have t-tec machines that go straight into the dipstick hole, and will replace 100% of the trans fluid. Also, for your fuel filter, I can't remember if the 2002's still have the fuel filter located under the hood by the firewall, if your FF is there, it is an extremely easy job to do, you will just need some open box end wrenches, and vice gripsHonda civic 2002 LX transmission fluid change and fuel filter?
dude dont do it your self, tranny is something you dont wanna mess with, unless you have money for a new one... I think you have to blow and flush all the fluid out b4 you put in the new one, its not like changing motor oil so just take it to the dealer so you have the warranty on it aswell